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Meet the Artist...

    Erick Vittorino is an accomplished contemporary artist with a dynamic body of work that  ranges from a traditional European flair that of the Old Masters to radiant, colorful compositions manifested in a whimsical and thought- proving contemporary style.  His work is constructed  with the perfect combination of the simplicity and the sensuality so often implied in the motif, a freer linear form, more poetic vehicle of expression. 

    Vittorino is as sparing with his positive elements (primary  and secondary colors), achieves an austere strength by the clarity of his contrasts  -red, blue, green, yellow against the black, black against white. 

    A born adventurer , Vittorino is a citizen of the world, he left his home of Rio de Janeiro at 18 and moved to New York City where he thrived on the stimulus and passion of life there. The vibrance is captured in Erick’s art as well his personal style - a simplicity and a brilliance all at once.

    In 2009, Erick received the Brazilian International Press Award for Best Visual Artist in the United States. He currently resides in Westport, Connecticut.

Artist's Statement...

Every painting is a revelation to both me and my viewers.  I approach each piece with the desire to capture a particular image or feeling.  I follow this desire until I’ve perfected its form in paint. Whether I am enveloping a figure in layers of expressionist lines or allowing each stroke to move freely  across the canvas, I commit myself fully to the emotional act of painting.

I invite my viewers to experience the immediacy of every gesture I make.  As I activate my paintings with spontaneous colorful brushstrokes, there is nothing that stands between what I feel and what I bring to life in my work.  This is what makes my paintings both simple and complex as they expose the contents of my soul without attempting to disentangle their nuances.

                                           -Erick Vittorino

Past Exhibition...

2023-New York_NY- apArt Private Gallery- Linear Solo Art Exhibition.

2023-New York-NY- Highline Nine Galleries. Brazil x Iran/ Colors & Forms ( Group show).

2018- Westport/Connecticut- Design Within Reach ( Art+Living Solo Exhibition).

2016- Westport/Connecticut - Cherie Greene Gallery (20 Creative Years).

2015- New York-NY -  A Brazilian Affair Apart_Gallery


2013- Limassol-Cyprus - 77th Rotary Internationall District 2450 Conference.

2011- New York-NY- Exit Art Gallery_ Group art exhibition.

         Southport-Connecticut _  Southport Galleries (Group show).

2010- New York -  Lillian August Gallery NYC- solo exhibition “Under the Lines”.


2009- Miami-FL-   Broward Center for the Performing Arts- Solo exhibition

2007- Hartford-Connecticut-  Hartford Club-Solo exhibition “ Aquarela”.

2006- New York-NY-  United Nations UN-group exhibition (Welcome to Rio).

2004- Westport-Connecticut-  Westport Art Center -Jured group show.

2003- Westport-Connecticut - EarthPlace - group exhibition.

2001- Danbury-Connecticut - The Danbury Library- solo” Bringing Brazil to the Library.

1998- Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - Camara Municipal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.(Group show).

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