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Raising the temperature!

Summer is around the corner and with the season approaching the temperature in Westport-CT has been warmed up to the top!!

Don't worry, isn't the Global Warming alert! The International Artist, Erick Vittorino is raising the temperature digits in Connecticut. The Italian-Brazilian descent artist is bringing some Tropical flair to the East Coast.

Over 30 original paintings, this solo exhibition is an incise look at the artist's life and journey in becoming one of the most esteemed Contemporary artist.

The town of Westport-CT had the pleasure of hosting one of the must see art exhibition of the season last June 13th, held at Design Within Reach/Westport Studio.

The Art+Living Solo Exhibition will be running through June 27th.

The Boy and the Horse, 36'x48".
photo credits: Anna Paula Pacheco Photography

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