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New York City's Brazilian Powerhouses

Finding the balance between art and inspiration has come easily to Erick Vittorino who has become the name in the Brazilian art world, and even more so globally. Pinning the work of a contemporary artist that has a traditional European edge, Erick brings life to his work and has caught the eye of many. One includes philanthropist and art collector, Maria Ines Moraes, founder, and director at Da Terra Brasil Foundation. Both Erick and Maria have become New York City's Brazilian powerhouses; paving the way for art and a non-profit to come together in an innovative way. We went inside Maria's luxury home located on the Upper East Side that housed Erick's radiant collection of works.

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Interview by ENTIRE Magazine

Photoshoot and Production by ENTIRE Magazine + Photographer Adrian Cordero

Hair + Makeup by Otto Dutra

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