Joie de Vivre!

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

Oui, Oui... We are thrilled to share with all of you! The restaurateur Eric Sierra will be making Art as well among the artist Erick Vittorino, a different kind of art. The well known restaurant "Rive Bistro", famous not only for serving the most exclusive French gastronomic delights and for having the most privileged views of Saugatuck River but for being one of the major sponsors for the artist's newest excited journey. ..."Art, living, driving and gastronomy are the best expression of who you are"... Mr. Sierra adds on. The impeccable French Decor, impressive "Carte des Vins" and the "Cafe des artistes" vibes all over the atmosphere, transports you back time in a totally refreshing way. Vittorino created a "vintage" poster exclusively to promote his Solo Exhibition titled "ART+LIVING"... .... " I closed my eyes while I was having my Champagne over the sundown, listening to Edith Piaf, I could totally picture all the Great Masters like Pablo, Salvador, Matisse around my table"... Vittorino replays with a smile upon his face. Take a look at the new poster inspired by Rive Bistro! Stay tuned!! June 16th -27th, 2018 at Design Within Reach/Westport-CT

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